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Wedding Package

The package includes the wine kit, bottles, shrink-wraps, customizable labels, all fees and HST! You will save 10% to 15% off the regular price!

We carry special wedding labels and you can choose the wording or even to put on a picture, there is no additional cost for the set up!

Wine Packages to choose from:


#1 Grand Cru (4 weeks)wedding toast

Whites: $154
Reds: $163

#2 Cru International (5 weeks)

Whites: $173
Reds: $179

#3 Cru Select (6 weeks)*

Whites: $202
Reds: $207

#4 En Primeur Winery Series (6-8 weeks)*

Whites: $229
Reds: $231


* Packages #3 and #4 may require longer aging. We recommend making the wine 4-6 months in advance.