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Today there are hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts across Canada making wines, many of which are comparable, or even better than commercial products. Standards are steadily rising; wine kits constantly improve and home-made wines have never been better! Moreover, you can customize your wine! How oaky, how strong, how sweet-it is all up to you to decide. You are in control!

Wine and Beer Making Kits

At Pure Brew you can choose from a vast array of beer or wine-making kits either to indulge in your favorite hobby at home or to make on our premises. We carry a complete inventory of the wine styles that our suppliers have to offer. Should you wish to brew at home we also carry all of the equipment necessary for you to do so. We also have available for rent a mini-jet filter and a floor corker which you may bring home to make the last steps of the process as easy as if you were brewing on premises.

Certified Sommelier On Site

A certified sommelier and experienced winemakers are available at the store to help you choose your wine or beer and answer all questions you may have about wine and wine making!

We have many wine styles for you to choose from and we keep only good quality wine kits from suppliers who have been in business for a respectable number of years and who have unfailingly offered us products of consistent quality. It is a pleasure to say that many of these kits have also won awards in various competitions. Except for the specialty wines (Ice Wine, Port & Sherry) all kits, whether they be made of pure juice, concentrate or a combination of juice and concentrate, yield between 29 and 30 bottles of 750 ml each. The kit you choose may contain oak chips (to be added only according to your personal preference), elderflowers or elderberries, grape skins and even raisins! (in the Amarone style). If your kit does not contain oak, elderflowers or elderberries, or if you would like more, we will be happy to add more at no extra cost.

We have 6-week premium kits

These 15-18-litre kits are a combination of pure grape juice and grape juice concentrate; these wines are more full-bodied and have a stronger flavour and bouquet. Because of these characteristics they will reach their full potential in about 1 year, at which time you will be able to truly appreciate them.

And we have 4-week and 5-week kits

These kits contain from 7.5 litres to 12 litres of grape juice concentrate or a combination of concentrate and pure grape juice. They don't need us much aging as the 6-week kits and are usually ready to be consumed in 4 to 6 months. Included in these 4-week kits are all the fruit wines that have become increasingly popular as aperitifs or simply easy sipping wines, at the beach or by the fireplace!

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And do not forget! The best wine is the wine you made yourself.

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