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Make your wine or beer on our premises 

All you have to do is decide which wine (or beer) you would like to make and in no time at all (a few minutes) it will be on it’s way. Depending on the style you have chosen the finished product will be ready to bottle in 3 to 6 weeks. We offer you filtered water at a constant ideal temperature and, of course, filtering, degassing, corks, and the use of our enolmatic bottle fillers and automatic corking machines. For each batch we also offer you 30 complimentary 1” by 2 5/8” labels to identify each one of your bottles with a personal touch.

In a nutshell, here is how it works:

  1. You choose your wine, beer or cider style among the 100’s we have to offer
  2. You take two minutes to mix the ingredients
  3. We do all the intermediary steps
  4. You come back to bottle your approximately 23 lt of finished product. This takes about 30 minutes per batch.
  5. You walk away the proud owner of your own personal brew!

Here at Pure Brew we put the greatest emphasis on a strict sanitizing protocol. When you come in to bottle we ask that your bottles be clean
- but please don’t sanitize them at home as they will not remain sanitized long enough before you actually bottle. This must be done at the last minute. If you have enough of your own bottles by all means bring them in
- and, if you’re short, we have several styles to offer you.


Your Place

Would you like to make beer & wine at home?

All of our beer and wine-making kits come with detailed instructions on how to proceed at the different stages of the brewing process. However, we do appreciate that the first- time home-brewer may still have some questions and, to that effect, we are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. As a matter of fact, we strongly encourage you to give us a call (or visit) so that we may guide you in any way possible so as to make that first attempt a positive experience. Needless to say we carry all of the necessary equipment and accessories related to beer and wine-making. We also have a wide variety of beer kit styles and all of the wine kit types that our suppliers have to offer.


Carefully sanitize your equipment
Mix your ingredients then add the yeast
If making beer, transfer to glass carboy in 5 days and fermentation should be complete in 7 to 10 days.
If making wine, transfer to glass carboy in 2 weeks, measure Specific Gravity and, if ready, kill, de-gass, add clarifying agent, wait about 1 week and filter.
Bottle the finished product


We have a starter kit for you ($84.99)

30-litre food-grade plastic pail
23-litre glass carboy
Air-lock and bung
J-tube, 5 feet of tubing, clip
Thermometer, hydrometer, test-jar